I’ve got a Halloween surprise for you! I rounded up the fellas from my first CD Firepop:  Richard Lloyd (Television), Dennis Diken ( Smithereens) and our favorite bassist Peter Stuart.  We recorded a new version of the "Headless Horseman,” a Disney song from 1949 originally sung by Bing Crosby. Here is our version: 


Here is the original: 

Happy Halloween!

I had the pleasure of being back in my hometown NYC for the spring and early summer of 2016.  More than anything I enjoyed reconnecting with friends and musicians there, so easily and casually. I got to play a gig of my own music at The Treehouse, my favorite place with my dear friend the amazing guitarist Cindy Pack. And I’ll be back there again on July 31st as part of The Great Harmony Swap – The Summer of Love: Songs From 1967.

Speaking of old friends and musical partners, this time I am teaming up with Peter Stuart. We’ve been making noise together since we first met in 1983 working at a record store. Peter played bass on both my CDs as well as in Richard Lloyd’s group.  We’ll be performing The Kinks Waterloo Sunset and the Bee Gees To Love Somebody. Come to Treehouse on Sunday July 31st.  There will be a lot of Love in that room!  


Speaking of Richard Lloyd:  Richard, Peter, myself and Dennis Diken from The Smithereens recorded a little spooky Halloween fun that we will share with you very shortly.  I rewrote a 1940’s tune, sung by Bing Crosby about the Headless Horseman. Just you wait.


Meanwhile back at the house, in the Hudson Valley, I have a duo project forming. Not telling too much just yet, but I will say this: acoustic guitars, fingerpicking style, and harmonies.  We’ve started preparing a set that includes music from The Shins, The Jayhawks, Nick Drake and Oasis!


So far it’s an incredible summer. Hope to see you soon!    


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I am thrilled to announce I am playing at my favorite place- The Treehouse in NYC!   On Sunday June 5th, come to Avenue A and 2nd street.  I’ll be playing solo, and then joined by the amazing Cindy Pack on guitar. We have been influencing each other since 1986! 


We hit at 10:00 pm but come at 9:00pm  and hear Heather Eatman. I think Heather is terrific.


The Treehouse is my favorite place in NYC for these reasons:


  1. Spirit! It’s run by musician Tom Clark, who rounds up the best, most soulful people in our music world
  2. I always run into people I have known for at least 20 years
  3. When I meet new people there, I see that we have at least 50 Facebook friends in common
  4. It’s casual and easy and always SOUNDS great 
  5. It’s keeping rock and roll alive in NYC

Come be part of this delightful scene!  It’s also my birthday on June 7th- and this is where I am celebrating. NO fuss— just come have a beer with us!

I rounded up the old Firepop crew for a session in February!  I’ll be recording with none other than Richard Lloyd, Dennis Diken (of The Smithereens) and our favorite NYC bass player, Peter Stuart.  We will be putting together a little Halloween number I adopted and rewrote, based on Disney’s Headless Horseman song. Ahh, but our version will be a classy retro rock hit with otherworldly guitar sounds.  

I can’t think of anything more thrilling than being in a  studio together again, at my friend Greg Talenfeld’s place in Nyack, OK Records. Life is good!

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And here is a chance to Come Show Some LOVE!  I am putting together a benefit for the Kingston SPCA, a no-kill shelter with no federal funding that is bursting at the seams with cats, dogs, rabbits, everything! The date is Valentines Day, which falls this year on a Sunday: February 14. And Feb 15 is a national holiday, Presidents Day, so some of you may have the next day off.  

February 14, 6-9 pm
Uncle Willy’s Tavern
131 North Front Street
Kingston, NY 12401

There will be 3 or 4 musical acts TBA during this period, doing 30- 40 minute sets. I will start and conclude the evening, joined by Chris Davison on bass.  We hope to spread some love and help this wonderful organization build the extension they need to accommodate the homeless creatures. 

SPCA website:

There will be a $5 cover charge for the music, which all goes to the shelter. Feel free to bring any supplies to donate if you can as well, click here for their current wish list.

P.S. Here is my latest recording, "Your Sweet Time." And check out ALL the dozens of songs on my YouTube Channel

This song is a 2014 collaboration between myself and my good friend and first songwriting partner in New York, Greg Talenfeld. We had not worked together in over 25 years when he gave me, as a recent birthday gift, a production of this song. I am thrilled to present it to you.