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I am  a songwriter, singer and guitarist from NYC. My songs have been used in over 300 instances in TV and commercials. As a side woman, I have played with some amazing original New York bands, including a 5-year stint on guitar in Richard Lloyd’s band (of Television) who also produced my first CD. I am the daughter of talk show legend Barry Farber, niece of comedian Jerry Farber and the sister of investigative journalist Celia Farber. I currently performs solo shows, duo shows and full band shows in all kinds of venues and settings, mostly between NYC and the Hudson Valley.

longer life story

I am a songwriter and musician from New York City. I was born in Manhattan, but spent my teenage years in Örebro, Sweden. My rock and roll journey has played out in both places, but started on bass in an explosive post punk band in Sweden called Container Club. 

Like most kids in mid-70’s New York, I loved Kiss, Queen, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, The Who and The Stones.  When I went to Sweden with my mother and sister at age 13, the punk / new wave movement was quickly eclipsing all these classic rock superstars.  The music of the youth went back to being about small sweaty clubs instead of stadiums. 

It was about making some noise for yourself, not just being a consumer of the stuff.

Although we were geographically and culturally closer to London, the people I hung out with were just crazy about the CBGB’s New York rock scene… and Television in particular.

After 6 years in Sweden I got home to New York, at age19, found a 1964 Fender Mustang electric guitar and fooled around with it.  I liked Tom Verlaine alright, but was utterly fascinated with the other Television guitarist, Richard Lloyd.  Went to every single gig and even took a few lessons with him in 1983.


Fifteen years later, he produced my first CD “Firepop” and played transcendent, fierce, exquisite guitar all over it.  Then he came with me to Sweden to play a series of gigs with my band, including a big festival. When we came home, Richard Lloyd asked me to play guitar in his band, which I did for about 5 years, and enjoyed the time of my life.

In 2004 I recorded another CD, also released independently called “Second Kiss” playing all the guitar myself. This was a bit more melodic, whimsical and polished pop/rock, and like Firepop featured master bassist Peter Stuart and miracle drummer Ira Elliot from Nada Surf. It was produced by John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Son Volt, Dinosaur Jr., Dar Williams, Breeders, Bob Dylan).

In 2011 I released 8 songs as digital downloads produced by Steve Bill, an exceptionally accomplished arranger, musical director and guitarist in the world of pop music.  This collection represents a completely different side of my work:  The vocals and classic appeal of the pop melodies are given top priority.

music licensing

To date, my songs from those two releases have been used in over 300 instances in TV shows, (cable, network and PBS) as well as online (A&E promo for The Sopranos), videos and DVDs (Scrubs: Season Two, “Popular” (Disney) and commercials; including a national spot for Kodak.

My music is upbeat, driving and rich in hooks and melodies. My influences range from ‘60s and ‘70s pop, to harder edged indie rock, to American roots traditions.
See my music licensing page.

unusual experiences

While studying audio engineering in college, a most interesting internship presented itself:  I worked for 6 weeks at RPM Studio in New York, when the Rolling Stones were recording Dirty Work! Got to hang out with those fellows every night!  See the story here.

When I graduated college, I did what any person with a degree in The Arts does: I got a waitressing job. Wanting to at least hear great music during my shifts, I worked at the Knickerbocker Bar and Grill, where Harry Connick Jr. played 2 nights a week as a pianist—before he even started singing, at age 20.  My recollections and SPIN interview with young Harry are here.

It was during this time I immersed myself in American roots music and fell in love with New Orleans. Fast forward to 2004: 5 weeks after Hurricane Katrina, I was there gutting a church with other volunteers.  I shot photos and wrote about the experience here.

additional creative work

Aside from music, another pursuit near and dear to my heart is, an online video gallery that I started in 2011. It hosts hundreds of compelling videos on sustainable solutions for our planet.  Going deeper than simply “green”, it challenges our consumer lifestyle at its core now that the system is crumbling faster than ever.  How we spend our time, our money, what systems we support and do not, the re-localization of our food system and economy are all issues turning a major corner right now. spotlights the most constructive and inspiring initiatives taking us in this direction. 

I had over 9,000 subscribers following my daily posts when I sold the site in 2015. Please have a look- everything I posted for 6 years is still up there.

 Photo by Emily Dermer

Photo by Emily Dermer

Winding down now, but for years I worked an extremely absurd side gig as an entertainer: I was a professional stilt walker! I could be found towering above all kinds of high profile and quite surreal environments, such as The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I’ve opened for Cirque Du Soleil, sung and played guitar with bands performing on stilts, and entertained at literally hundreds of festivals, parades, corporate events, civic affairs, promotional events and private parties.


It’s MORE rock and roll than rock and roll , a really crazy day job. I had to take the glitter, the heavy make up, crazy clothes and wigs OFF to go play music at night after a stilt job.

Right now, the only non- music project dear to my heart is helping my rabbit Sandra The Free Range Super Bunny get her memoirs written! She was an abandoned domestic little rabbit that I took in after seeing her struggle to survive under my neighbor’s porch for a few weeks.  I wanted to save her.  She ended up saving me.  Meet her here:

I am proud to be the daughter of the legendary national radio talk show host Barry Farber, and the sister of investigative journalist Celia Farber, known for her award winning work exposing myths surrounding AIDS. I have lived in NYC most of my life, and now divide my time between the city and the Hudson Valley.

In 2011 I was invited to perform one of my songs ,“Billion Things”, by one of my favorite film makers, Gregory Greene, director of The End Of Suburbia at a sustainability event in New York City.  The roster also featured James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency, which the song is based on. 

It is a lyric about all the things we are going to have to make ourselves when abundant oil and thereby cheap manufacturing is over. 

Not exactly a conventional subject for pop music, but Billion Things is emerging as the most heralded song of the new collection, because it is captivating, thought provoking, unique- and full ofhooks!  (VIDEO:  BILLION THINGS)

Hope you have a listen to my songs, and do stop by

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